A Little Catch Up #3: New Year’s Edition


Hello hello helllooooo lovely people!

In true Georgia style, this post is almost a week overdue but we are going to roll with the punches (new year, old me, apparently). Normally, on December 31st every year, I feel super reflective over the previous twelve months. However, this year, that feeling didn’t hit until a few days into 2019 when I started to consider what my hopes and goals for this year would be. I’ve had a little ponder and I’d like to share them with you.

I feel like if I make my resolutions public, it gives me more incentive to actually stick to them (lol). Last year, I actually surprised myself. My main goal was to exercise more and become happier with my body / mental attitude towards the gym. I really do feel like I achieved this to some extent. I gymmed the most I’ve ever gymmed and actually stuck to it. Obviously, busier ‘life’ times called for less time on the treadmill but I’d like to give myself a little pat on the back for sticking out a New Year’s resolution for the most part. Go on my gal.

I think keeping resolutions realistic is really important, especially for me, because I like feeling as if I have achieved something by following them through. Sooooo here goes. My New Year’s resolutions for 2019 ARE:


As I discovered when one of my housemates pointed out that I didn’t actually have to separate my washing into colours, my wardrobe consists of 99% black clothing. So, I thought 2019 should be the year I try to branch out and try wearing a little more colour. I think this one will be pretty easy to stick to so keep ya fingers crossed. Even though it will make my laundry more of a task, I think the pay off will be worth it. Get ready for some CUTE outfits.


I would also really like to blog more. I know this is so much easier said than done and I am the absolute worst for saying that I’ll post more and then not following through because I become busier with other things. More generally, I would like to write more. Writing is such an escape for me and really helps me express how I’m feeling in certain situations. Whenever I’m super stressing, I’ll sit and word vomit onto a page or turn it into poetry, or a song, and then my head feels clearer and I feel lighter. Once I graduate this year (which we won’t talk about yet because there’s a 100% chance I’m freaking out about it), I’m really going to make my writing more of a central focus. I’m thinking of doing a post explaining what I want to get up to next year when I’m (fiiiiiinally) done with university so do let me know if that’s something you’re interested in reading about.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. I’ve been wanting to do this for years and it’s fully on me that I’ve made no progress in doing so. By no means do I want to be the next Mozart, but a basic understanding of how to read sheet music would be very ideal in my life.


I’m definitely someone who likes to live in their own little shell. Once I have a way of doing something, I’ll rarely adapt it. In other words, I do not deal well with change AT ALL, which is something I’ve spoken about before on my blog. However, the older I get, the more I realise that this is not a growth mindset in the slightest and in order to get the most out of my life, I need to suck it up and take some more risks. I just want to EXPERIENCE life and everything it has to offer and I won’t be able to do so if I don’t put myself out there more. Be it with my career, relationships or friendships.


My main focus for 2019 is my own happiness. I know this seems a pretty cliche New Year’s rezzo but I am really, really going to try to implement this little one. The end of 2018 was a bit of a mess for me, to put it politely, and I really felt like I started to lose myself. In 2019, I’d like to regain the confidence I used to have within myself and the belief that I’m actually able to achieve things and deserve to achieve them. Upon reflection, my dip in mindset really came as a result of surrounding myself with the wrong people and looking for happiness in the wrong places. Mix that with general uni and life stress and I was one unhappy gal for a little while. I don’t want to look back at 2019 and feel the same way. Happiness will be everything. I’m going to surround myself with my favourite people and do my favourite things.

I think it’s going to be a good one.

What are your New Year’s resolutions??

All the love,


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November / December Faves

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Hello hello helloooooo lovely readers!!

Long time no SEE (well, write). I’m officially on Christmas break from university (FIIIIINALLY) so, naturally, my creative juices are flowing again. I have been resurrected from the blogging graveyard and I’m back to share with you all the things that I’ve been loving during my inexcusably long vacay. Let’s get crackin’.

What I’ve Been Wearing

I have been having an illicit love affair with flared trousers. Oh my god I cannot even BEGIN to tell you how obsessed I’ve been. They are the PERFECT solution to any daytime or night out situation depending on how you style them and I have honestly been living for the trend. Whilst I know they can be pretty pricey, I definitely think they are worth the investment, especially for wearing on a night out during the Winter months. A few pairs in particular that I’ve been wearing non-stop are the ones pictured above. The black velvet-striped and the blue/black velvet patterned pairs are both from Urban Outfitters and were £36.00 each. I also purchased a burgundy pair from the Topshop Petite range (short leg life). I can’t remember the exact price but I’m pretty sure they were around the £30.00 mark. As I said, they’re not the cheapest items in my wardrobe but equally for the amount of wear I’ve already got out of them, they are definitely worth the splurge. Also they look pretty funky too (low-key just trying to live out my Mamma Mia fantasy).

What I’ve Been Watching

I swear to God, university makes it so hard to just sit and watch TV (rightly so) which means I haven’t had nearly enough time to be watching everything on my Netflix list. That being said, I have recently finished watching Atypical, a Netflix Orig that focuses on Sam (a teenager with Autism) in his quest to understand love and find a girlfriend. Over the first few episodes, I wasn’t really sure whether this series was for me; I found it pretty hard to get into. My brother – who had recommended the series to me – encouraged me to persevere and I’m so glad I did. The scripting of the family dynamics are honestly beaut at times. I especially loved Sam’s relationship with his sister, Casey. Even though there were characters and plot-lines I wasn’t a major fan of (weirdly could not warm to the character of Elsa, Sam’s Mom ???) I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who hasn’t seen it. I’ll deffo be there for season 3.

I’ve also been watching a lot of YouTube as I find one-off vids easy to watch while I’m getting ready for uni in the mornings. I’ve always loved Louise Pentland’s weekly vlogs as she’s such a motherly figure, she makes me feel calm when I’m away from home (in the least weird way possible hahaha). I’ve also been watching a lot of Vlogmas vids, in particular Mark Ferris’ and Anastasia Kingsnorth’s (who recently went to NYC and brought back all the feels). Deffo give those a watch if you’re in the market for something a little festive over the next week or so.

What I’ve Been Listening To

Over the past few weeks, I have had Maisie Peters’ EP Dressed Too Nice For a Jacket on repeat. Honestly all day, every day. Making dinner in the kitchen? Maisie Peters. Driving in my car? Maisie Peters. Doing uni work? Maisie Peters. Her voice is so lush and her songs are super catchy. My faves change quite regularly but I love You To You and Details. I’ve also been loving a little bit of Ariana. If thank u, next isn’t my most played song of 2018 (even though it only came out in November) I will be very shocked. She seems to be releasing banger after banger recently with imagine being added straight to my playlist.

What I’ve Been Using


Perhaps a little unpredictably, I have reached back into my makeup drawer for the highly controversial ABH Subculture palette. Whilst it received very disappointing reviews (from myself included) I’ve kind of discovered a strange love for it. At the beginning of November, I was very much into a glittery eye and would depend on my NYX glitter in ROSE for every night out (see pictured my horrifying Halloween makeup lol). However, over the past few weeks, I’ve really been feeling a matte look, particularly an orangey transition with a bold colour packed all over the lid. Subculture is perfect for supplying these kinds of shadows. My fave one to use has been Axis as I think green is complimentary to my eye colour but I’ve also dipped into All Star which is a deep, burgundy shade (perf for Winter).

What I’ve Been Doing

I really wish I had some cool things to write which make me look like I’ve been living the high life but in reality, I’ve been consumed by university life. I’m now in my final year so it’s really time for me to be cracking down and trying to manage the workload that my degree brings. I did manage, however, to sneak in a few nights out and celebrations along the way. In terms of performancey fun, we had our Musical Theatre Autumn Showcase which – although weighed down with major stresses – turned out pretty successfully and I also sang with some lush pals for my friend Liv’s assessment piece which was v enjoyable. In relation to my Christmas holiday plans, I will pretty much be sleeping and avoiding doing my uni work as long as humanly possible. Who knows, I may even get another blog post out before I go back (let’s be real).


As always, thank you for reading or just having a little nose.

I hope you have the loveliest Christmas full of food and fam,

G Xx

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Women Are F**king Fabulous



In light of it being International Women’s Day today, I thought I would write a little post emphasising what it means to me to be a woman in this day and age – in particular, paying homage to all of the women who have lived before me and those who will live after me. Although I reflect on this each IWD, this year seems slightly more prominent due to the endless campaigning surrounding the ‘#MeToo’ movement combined with other stories being published in the media covering similar topics.

Having grown up in a family with three brothers and no sisters, I’ve always viewed both genders as equal. If my brothers were playing outside, I wanted to play outside. If my brothers had to finish their broccoli before being allowed dessert, I had to do the same. If my brothers were wrestling with each other, you can bet I was there too throwing a good punch or five. What I’m trying to say is that I never received any preferential treatment or felt that I couldn’t do something that the boys could do because I was a ‘girl’. This mindset has most definitely followed me into my teenage years and early adulthood. I’m such a firm believer in it being possible to achieve anything you want in life, if you put the right amount of work in. I don’t think gender even comes into play. I feel fortunate enough to say that personally, at this point in my life, I have never felt oppressed because of my gender but I’m not naive to the fact that once I get into the workplace, this may change, which alone saddens me. Why should I be worried that I won’t be as valued in the workplace as a male? Why should I be earning less money than a male for doing exactly the same job as them? I’ve never been able to grasp the concept that whatever sits between your legs determines what you can do in life and in all honesty, I don’t think I’ll ever understand it. I’m also not blind to the fact that things like the gender pay gap can’t be changed overnight but what I want to see is movement towards this development happening.

Each IWD I like to think about all of the women who have inspired me to become a badass, independent gal who has her life together (still waiting for this to happen). As cliché as it might be, my Mom is top of that list. When she was just a little bit older than myself, my Mom moved two hours away from her family home to work in a completely new town and build a life for herself. From there, she went on to have four children spanning from age 6 to newborn whilst STILL WORKING – she honestly is a real-life Supermom. I do not know how she juggles everything and makes it look so effortless – she has never once compromised her career or her family for the alternative but has somehow managed to happily succeed in both. THAT is what I want to be and do when it’s my turn.

I think it’s so important to recognise these stand-out women in our lives who help us shift and grow until we end up on our little paths in life, heading to where we need to be. Women are f**king fabulous. We are strong-minded, intelligent, warm and loving souls who somehow manage to carry the weight of a whole other human inside of us, helping them grow and giving them life which I think is pretty incredible (!!!!!!!) whilst also kicking absolute ass in any career path we choose to pursue. Women should celebrate each other: the successes and even the failures because as a collective, we genuinely are unstoppable. It’s crucial that our generation of women stick together and become a driving force that allows the females who will follow us to swim in a pool of proudness at the thought of being a woman.

I’m super proud to be a woman.

G x