Mini Collective Spring Haul

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Recently, I’ve been making a few little (probably unnecessary) purchases for the Spring season so I thought I’d share them!

Pink Denim Jacket – Topshop £49.00


My favourite purchase has to be this adooooorable pink denim jacket from Topshop. The colour is a pastel pink so it’s perfect for Spring and adds a pop of colour to the generally quite boring, all-black outfits I tend to lean towards. The jacket is complete with rips on the elbows which I LOVE as -much to my parents’ dismay- I am a big fan of ripped clothing. I bought this jacket in a size 12 petite as I wanted it to be quite oversized and am happy with how it turned out! This is definitely an investment piece as the quality is amazing and I own another Topshop denim jacket which has worn really well.

Floral Black Heels – Topshop £34

IMG_3441Another Topshop purchase (somebody stop me please!!!). These heels are so cute and, shockingly, super comfy. I’ve worn these now on numerous nights out and my feet don’t hurt anywhere near as badly as they do when I wear other shoes. The design is pretty, current and the platform heel allows for a good amount of added height (which is what I need!!) without being uncomfortable. I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on these or any similar if you can!

A Quiet Kind of Thunder / The One Memory of Flora Banks – Amazon

IMG_3438I decided to treat myself to two new books (which makes me super excited!!!!) and chose A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard and The One Memory of Flora Banks by Emily Barr. Both books were in my recommended section on Amazon and (I can’t lie) the pretty front covers helped sway my vote. I haven’t started reading either of them yet but I’ll make sure to let you know if they are any good in a later post!

Eyelure Falsies £5.35

IMG_3437IMG_3448I needed some new false lashes for when I go back to uni (after a month of self-admittedly bossing through too many Netflix shows) so decided to pick some up from Eyelure. I love the Eyelure lashes as the adhesive they come with is soooo good; I literally  never have to check if my lashes are coming off on a night out!! I wanted to get another pair of the 153’s as they are my go-to for a night out (seen pictured below) and then bought some more natural looking ones (027’s) to try during the day time.


Nivea Post Shave Balm

IMG_3444I thought it was about time I purchased the Nivea Post Shave Balm after I’ve heard so many raving reviews about it. I’ve tried it a few times and I have to say, I have noticed a difference in my skin makeup. I’m yet to try it on a night out so I’ll let you know how I get on with it and if it helps my makeup stay on!

V05 Hair Products (Sleek Blow-Dry Spray £4.00 / Sea Salt Spray £4.00)

IMG_3445IMG_3447IMG_3446I wanted to try some new hair products so picked these two bottles up. The sleek blow-dry spray leaves my hair looking super healthy and shiny; it helps protect the ends of my hair against the heat of the hairdryer and straighteners. I tend to use the sea salt spray after I’ve curled my hair to make the curls look slightly more natural and ‘beachy’. It also helps to hold my hair in place so there is no need for hairspray (which I hate the feel of in my hair).

Bralettes – Primark £8.00 / £5.00

IMG_3440I’ve been looking for some cute bralettes for so long (as I love the mesh t-shirt/bralette look) and Primark has been my saviour. Not only are these bralettes super pretty, they’re inexpensive which is a win-win for everybody. I’m now on the hunt for a mesh t-shirt I can wear with these!

I hope this has inspired some of you to get spending (and I’m sorry if it has) !!!

G x


All About Ego

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I never used to be a shoe-obsessor but in the last few months, I’m a changed woman. I LOVE SHOES!!!! Recently, I was shopping online to find some velvet heeled boots and I came across the website ‘Ego’ so I had a little scroll….and fell in love. They sell the newest footwear fashions for relatively good prices (compared to what you’d pay in Topshop, River Island etc). They also do student discount at around 20% I believeeee but this could vary!



 Black Floral Print Embroidered Heeled Boot (£34.99) 


Cheska Floral Embroidered Flat Mule in Nude Faux Leather (£24.99) *NOTE: PLEASE EXCUSE MY AWFUL FAKE TAN I’M A FAILURE 😦 *

I’ve ordered from Ego twice now and was more than happy with the quality of service and the actual products I ended up with. The boots are amazing quality and are soooooo comfy. They’re definitely the statement piece of an outfit and I think they’re super nice if you’re going out for a meal or a few drinks because they sit between being casual and dressy. The mules I tend to wear on a more day-to-day basis as I just slip them on if I’m driving somewhere or going into town. They’re that almost off-pink colour that I’ve been seeing everywhere recently. I’m pretty sure the mules are also available in both black and white on the Ego website.

There are a few things on the website I’ve been keeping my eye on but just can’t seem to justify buying on my student budget (so sad). Here are a few of them:


Mason Blush Rubber Slider (£19.99)


Zora Floral Embroidered Ankle Boot (£34.99)


Ariel Ribbon Lace Up Trainer (£30.00)

I would 100% recommend buying from Ego as I definitely will be purchasing more shoes from there in the future (no overdraft limit can stop me).

I hope I’ve inspired LOTS of shoe shopping!!!

G x