Unicorn Lashes: Review



In a recent little splurge on Beauty Bay, I purchased some Unicorn Lashes after seeing them everywhere online over the past few weeks. I wasn’t too sure what to expect as it’s a brand I hadn’t heard a lot about until more recently, but I was pleasantly surprised.


First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate how freaking CUTE the packaging is??? I’m literally still not over it. I love the colour palette and the design really adds to the brand identity (which is one of the most adorable I’ve come across). I chose the pair ‘Flutter’ which retail at £10.00 a set, however other styles can range up to £23.50 so depending on the look you’re going for, these lashes can be pretty pricey. However, I thought £10.00 was reasonable for an independent, high-end brand so I thought I’d try them out.


The lashes applied relatively easily, though the lash band was slightly thicker than other brands (such as Eyelure and Ardell). This made it a little harder to get the lash to stay glued to the inner corner and not start to peel off (which is my pet hate!!!) but it was nothing a bit of patience couldn’t resolve. Once the lashes were on though, I fell in LOVE. They are so distinctive and suuuuper pretty; I’ve never worn anything like them before. I definitely think they are worth £10.00, if not more, as I will most likely get multiple uses out of them due to the thick band.

I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these lashes in the future and also want to try their brush sets, which look insane.

All Unicorn Lashes products can be found at:  Unicorn Lashes


Instagram: @geeheasel


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