19 Things I’ve Learned



Two weeks today marks my 19th birthday. In light of this, I thought I’d post something a little bit different, sharing some of the most important things I’ve learned so far during the short time I’ve been around. Some have been self-taught, others a result of another person and the rest I can put down to experiencing life in general.

1) Life is too short

This lesson is by far the most important to me, which is why I’ve placed it at number one. It tends to be through sad events that this is learned by the majority but I have found that once you start incorporating this mantra into your daily life, something changes. Whether you take more risks, or bite your tongue in situations you wouldn’t have previously, I’ve found life so much of a more positive place to be since learning this lesson.

2) Eat the cake

You burn almost 1500 calories a day by sitting on your bed doing nothing. Eat the slice of cake and don’t feel guilty.

3) Boys can be mean and hurt your heart

A slightly less happy point, but super relevant and most definitely a lesson I have learned. Boys lie and say things they don’t really mean, fact. But part of growing up and emotionally maturing is learning how to handle yourselves in situations where you’ve been treated in ways you’d never dream of treating someone else.

4) Girls can be mean and hurt your heart

Not to be sexist (yes to feminism!!!) girls can be equally as bad. Some of the times I’ve felt the most hurt and betrayed have been by friends in the heat of an argument, or other girls who live for the drama.

5) No matter how hard I try to prevent it, I will always end up pushing ‘pull’ doors and pulling ‘push’ doors

I am super uncool and doors will always be the biggest struggle in my life.

6) I love sharing the love

Day-to-day, I am the least soppy and most sarcastic person but I looooove my friends, so I tell them.  You will always see me commenting ‘OH MY GOD YOU ARE AMAZING’ or anything of that over-excited variety on any selfies or just generally texting them harassing them with my love. I think it’s super important that people know how much you appreciate them.

7) I have weird eating habits

If you ask any of my friends who I have been out for food with what my weirdest habit is, they will all say the same thing: chips. Whenever I order chips (which, let’s be real, is a lot of the time) I inspect all of them individually before eating them; if any have brown or green potato-ey bits on them I cannot even look at them, let alone eat them. I take them all off my plate and either give them to a willing friend (yes, Matthew I am talking about you) or hide them so I can’t see them. Don’t ask me why.


Arguably the most important lesson I have learned in my life. 13 year old me decided to get confident with a pair of tweezers and 10 minutes later was practically eyebrow-less. 5 YEARS LATER, I am still paying for my mistake. So thanks younger me, keep shining.

9) High heels are not for me

I’m a trainer girl through and through. Whilst this doesn’t exactly help my 5ft 2 frame, I would much rather not be able to see in a crowd than be wanting to have my feet amputated after 10 minutes of a night out.

10) Always treat others how you wish to be treated

My dad will be super happy that I’ve included this as it’s a motto he has worked very hard to drill into the heads of my brothers and me. I’ve always been hit with the question ‘how would you feel if someone did that to you?’ and it has definitely stuck. However this lesson has also taught me not to expect too much from other people. Just because I would do something or behave in a certain way, it doesn’t mean someone else holds the same values or morals. That one I have learned the hard way.

11) Musical theatre is the love of my life

Nothing makes me happier than seeing theatre or performing myself. There is something so magical in it that words can never describe. Also, an original Broadway cast soundtrack can never let you down like boys can.

12) Social media lives are NOT real lives

This is definitely something I have to keep reminding myself every now and then, especially whilst scrolling down the ‘Explore’ feed on Instagram. Nobody is perfect and nobody’s life is perfect. Someone’s social media is what they are CHOOSING to publicise, a highlight reel of their life and that is something that should always be remembered.

13) Chicken nuggets and vinegar are a weird but wonderful combination

Try it.

14) ‘Normal’ is BORING

Quirks and uniqueness are what make people interesting. I love people who deviate from the crowd and stand up for their own beliefs or make their own fashion statements. We’re all different and that should be embraced.

15) Being pooed on by a bird DOES NOT bring you good luck

This I know from A LOT of experience. It seems, although I am extremely small, I am a favourite target of birds who are about to excrete. After the traumatic experience(s), I then went on to have the most average weeks of my life so anyone who turns to you and says ‘don’t worry…it’s good luck’ is a pathological liar.

16) Nothing beats a Popworld night out

Perhaps a slightly controversial statement but for me, nothing beats screaming along to ‘Dancing In The Moonlight’ or a bit of Whitney with my best friends, not even attempting to brave the bar queue in Popworld. Best nights ever.

17) Age is just a number, maturity is key

This is definitely something I’ve learned since going to university. Whilst there are certain situations where I don’t agree with this statement (underage situs) and those weird Year 11/Year 9 ‘relationships’ we all witnessed in high school, it generally proves true. Two of my closest friends are 17 and 21 and honestly I cannot tell the difference when I’m with them.

18) Whilst I am relatively book-smart, I have absolutely no common sense

I always worked hard at school, being a self-proclaimed perfectionist, but in general day-to-day life I tend to fail at pretty much everything. Cooking dinner? Forgot I turned the oven on. Telling everyone my phone charger is broken? Didn’t have it plugged in at the wall. Bake cakes? Drop them on the floor. I swear I was put on this Earth to supply my friends with a constant supply of entertainment – me walking into things, tripping over or injuring myself.

19) I have THE BEST family and friends

I’m so fortunate to have the most amazing friends and family and that is something I will always be grateful for. My school friends are still my favourite people in the world, my BSS family are a constant stream of support and love and my university friends are the best people. Ever.

Sorry for the extremely rambly, long post (what’s new??) but I hope you enjoyed reading a few things life has taught me so far. What have you learned?


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