March Faves


March came and went in a flash. The fact it is already April (and I have finished my first two semesters at university) blows my mind a little bit. This month I have been super busy with countless rehearsals but have still managed to take a bit of time to try new things. So, I thought I would share what I have been loving in the month of March.

What I Wore: Nike Internationalists 


Throughout March, I have literally LIVED in these trainers. As soon as I saw these, I knew I had to have them in my collection. I purchased them from Urban Outfitters towards the beginning of the month and have pretty much worn them every day since. I looooove the colours as I have nothing like these in my wardrobe already. As much as I am trying to get into wearing heels more frequently, I am a ‘flats girl’ at heart so tend to wear trainers to pretty much any occasion. So, I knew I would get a lot of wear out of these shoes…and I already have. I’m obsessed.

What I Watched: Thirteen Reasons Why


I am a huge lover of binge-worthy TV shows so when Thirteen Reasons Why came out on Netflix this month, I was super excited. Having read the book (by Jay Asher) a few years ago, I kind of knew what to expect in terms of plot-line. However, from the first episode I immediately fell in love with the show. If you are unfamiliar with Thirteen Reasons Why, I’ll give you a brief run-down: the show focuses on the suicide of high school student, Hannah Baker. Before her death, she recorded a series of audio tapes explaining the ‘thirteen reasons why’ she decided to end her life. Each side of every tape tells a story concerning a different student at her high school, whose actions contributed to Hannah’s fateful decision. The series was so addictive and I actually watched all 13 episodes over the space of two days (and I’m not even ashamed). Although I rarely say this, I actually preferred the TV adaptation to the original novel as I felt the characters were explored in more depth which really added to the poignancy of the show. Absolutely loooooved it.

What I Read: Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven

It makes me so sad that I don’t seem to have a lot of time to read anymore, thanks to my busy uni schedule. However, this month I have been reading Holding Up The Universe by Jennifer Niven. Currently, I’m about three quarters of the way in and will, no doubt, have finished it in the next couple of days. The blurb reads:

Everyone thinks they know Libby Strout, but no one’s ever looked past her weight to see who she really is. Since her mum’s death, Libby’s been hiding, but now she’s ready for high school. 

Everyone thinks they know Jack Masselin too- sexy, aloof and too cool for school. But Jack’s swaggering confidence is hiding a secret he must keep at all costs. 

Then Jack meets Libby. And their worlds change. Because sometimes when you meet someone, the whole universe just comes into focus. 


Originally, I bought this book as I loved Niven’s debut novel ‘All The Bright Places’ so I figured I would love this also…and I do. Jack and Libby’s stories are so beautifully written considering the difficult topics that are being explored. I would definitely recommend this book to any YA lovers as it’s easy to read but also leaves you reflecting upon yourself, which I believe is what a good book has the power to do.

What I Listened To: Dear Evan Hansen / Divide – Ed Sheeran

Of course, I have to give Ed Sheeran’s album ‘Divide’ a quick mention as I have been listening to it quite a lot. Some of my faves include Galway Girl, New Man and Supermarket Flowers (which makes me cry every time).

However, the main playlist I’ve been obsessing over this month has to be the Dear Evan Hansen Original Broadway Cast Recording. I’m completely obsessed with the musical in general but the music is definitely what makes it. I’m pretty sure I’m driving my family mad by blasting the entire soundtrack through my house but I am so in love with it. My favourite songs are ‘Anybody Have a Map?’ and ‘If I Could Tell Her’ (it’s sooooo cute!!).

What I Used: ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

Although I realise this palette is already raved about so much and it’s probably going to bore you to read about how much I love it also…I’m going to tell you anyway. I love this palette. So. Much. The colours are amazing and are so perfect for summer. My fave colours are ‘Burnt Orange’, ‘Love Letter’ and ‘Realgar’. I’ve found myself reaching for this product every day and it makes me so sad that I’m hitting pan on a few colours already. I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing this.

What I Did: 

At the beginning of March, I performed in MTSoc’s production of Legally Blonde which was so much fun. The rest of the month was spent with friends on a variety of nights out (embracing the uni lifestyle to the fullest). All in all, March was a pretty good month but I’m super excited to be at home relaxing for the Easter break.


I hope you’ve had a lovely March!

G x

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