My Top 5 MAC Lipsticks


L-R: Really Me (Matte), Honeylove (Matte), Velvet Teddy (Matte), Twig (Satin), Deep Rooted (Matte)

Although I realise there are so many other amazing brands out there, a good old MAC lipstick has never failed me. I find that they are super easy to wear and don’t take too much re-application throughout the day/night to maintain the desired look. They retail at £15.50 which sits comfortably between high-street and high-end prices and quite frankly, I think they are worth the money. I thought I would share a few of my faves and explain why each one made the list.



5). TWIG (Satin)

Usually, I am a huge nude-lip advocate. However, Twig (having a slightly more red-toned colour) made the list at number 5. I think Twig is the kind of lipstick you can add to a casual outfit to make yourself feel slightly more dressy. If you are wanting to branch out from always wearing a safe, nude lip then I think Twig is a good one to start with; whilst it is slightly more bold, it isn’t garish and won’t draw attention immediately as a statement.

4). VELVET TEDDY (Matte)

With the fear of sounding cliche, Velvet Teddy used to be my all-time go-to lipstick. It is just so easy to wear and goes with any makeup look; I’m pretty sure it is one of those lipsticks that just seems to suit everybody. Sometimes I like to wear something on my lips, as I feel it completes a makeup look, but don’t want it to stand-out: Velvet Teddy is perfect for this. I tend to reach for this most often when I’m wearing a smokey cranberry/dark brown eye.Whilst I admit I originally bought it because of its surrounding ‘hype’, I am glad it found its way into my makeup collection as it is a staple lipstick that I feel I will always use.

3). HONEYLOVE (Matte)

I actually received Honeylove for Christmas and I immediately fell in love with it. This lipstick is a light nude, slightly lighter than the above Velvet Teddy, with peachy undertones. I tend to pair this with a liner that is a few shades darker (such as Barry M’s LIP LINER in number 16) as I feel the contrast brings out the colour really well. It is another nude that is really easy to wear and pair with any makeup look and I have to say, I do slightly prefer it to Velvet Teddy. I think this shade is perfect as a first lipstick as it isn’t too bold but still looks super pretty.

2). DEEP ROOTED (Matte)

Straying away from the nude lip, I wanted to mention Deep Rooted which is another recent addition to my collection. As I have previously mentioned, on a day-to-day I will almost always opt for a nude lip however, when I go out I like my makeup to look a little different. This is why I love Deep Rooted. The best way I can describe the colour is that it is a slightly more brown-toned version of ‘Stone’ (which has more of a grey undertone). I also own Stone but much prefer Deep Rooted as I feel it suits my skin tone better and doesn’t wash me out as much as Stone does. As dark lips go, it is also relatively easy to maintain throughout the night and doesn’t go patchy like other darker lipsticks I have tried in the past. It definitely is the statement piece of a makeup look so I will usually wear this if I’ve gone for muted browns and golds on the eye. If you’re looking for something a little more brave, I would definitely recommend Deep Rooted.

1). REALLY ME (Matte)

It may come as a shock that my all-time favourite MAC lipstick is one that is relatively unheard of. Really Me is also a nude but is a lot more pink-toned than the lipsticks I have previously mentioned. This lipstick is my absolute GO-TO on a night out as the formula is super creamy so it doesn’t dry my lips out and also the shade is so easy to maintain. Like with Honeylove, I tend to pair it with a slightly darker lipliner to make my lips look a little fuller and love the effect it gives. In all honesty, I don’t understand why this lipstick isn’t raved about more. I’ve nearly used up all of this product and will 100% be repurchasing it when it eventually does run out.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that it was useful to anyone looking to purchase a new lipstick!

G x


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